How To Block Vehicle GPS Tracking?

Car GPS trackers or other trackers are small devices that can be pre-installed in or carried by a moving vehicle to track its location and activity. Mostly they are installed as a precaution. For example, if a thief tries to steal your vehicle, they are easily trackable.

However, for some people, it is an inconvenience as most often the people are tracking them down and trying to know their location. So, the situation differs.

Types of tracking systems

The two types of GPS trackers for a car are available to the general public. One is a logger tracking system and a real-time tracking system. A logger tracking system keeps track of a vehicle’s movements and saves them to a hard drive.

Also, the tracker must be connected to a computer to retrieve the data. A real-time tracker sends signals to a GPS receiver every 5 to 10 minutes. This will track the movements of a car in real-time.

How to block hidden tracking devices for cars?

We understand if parents are concerned about knowing the location of their kids, and that is why they use a small GPS tracker.

Tracking devices for car

However, there are limits to the tracing, and therefore, you can always find ways to make the tracking stop for you. Here is the way how to disable vehicle GPS tracking:

1. Find a vehicle GPS blocker:

Look for a GPS blocker that suits your needs and fits your budget. It might cost as little as $50 or as much as $1,000. The device is capable of blocking GPS tracking devices from sending signals to its receiver.

Remember that some of these can only block signals for a few meters while others may block signals for hundreds of feet, so be sure you know how much coverage you require.

2. Activate the blocker:

To activate the blocker, plug it into the cigarette lighter of your car. This will make you invisible to GPS tracking services.

3. Deactivate the blocker when not in use:

When your tracker is not in use, you can also choose to turn it off. In this manner, you can save its battery and only use it when necessary.

Is it necessary to buy a GPS blocker?

No. It is not necessary to purchase a GPS blocker as you can hide your location on a virtual map through the manual process. It’s just all you need is to flip the switch and activate it.

However, the significant information you need to keep in mind is that it is illegal in some states. Yes, you are trying to hide from your paranoid EX, but you must know the status of your tracking devices for the car before blocking it. Otherwise, you can be in trouble due to the law and enforcement regulations.

Moreover, if you’re blocking GPS from the rental car, it will alarm them immediately, and it can lead to a further problem for you.

Bottom Line

Do you think it is a wise decision to block the auto GPS tracker? Well, it depends on the regulations of the state you are living in and secondly if you are in dire need.

Otherwise, if the GPS tracker is for the sake of safety, we recommend you keep it intact. You may also have questions about whether a car is easy to sell after you remove the tracker or not. In any case, the consultants can help you with it.

In the end, if you think your car is no longer fit for road adventures, we at Car For Cash London can offer you quite a fair amount for your vehicle.