How to Install a Car Seat?

You have picked the right vehicle seat for your little one; now it’s time to install a baby car seat.

You may have heard that approximately 74% to 95% of parents deploy it wrongly (increasing the hazard that their kid will be hurt in case of an accident), and you want to do it accurately so your baby can be safe.

The puzzling part is that different seats have several recommendations and limitations to deploy that specific seat.

Regardless of what suggestions you follow or the method you use, it all begins with the location.

What’s The Best Location to Install a Car Seat without Base?

Children, until they are 12 years old, are always safer in the rear seat.

It’s a legal requirement for kids below 7 years old to ride in the rear seat.

Never place it in the front seat with an airbag, as it can cause added harm to a kid during an accident.

Baby Car Seat installation guide

How to Install a Car Seat Base?

No matter what sort of seat you have, installing a car seat will forever consist of particular guidelines.

Follow these steps to guarantee a secure vehicle seat deployment.

1. Read the Manufacturer’s Manual

All seats come with detailed guidelines from the manufacturer. This car seat installation guide will include thorough information about how to deploy your seat.

The right approach to safely install it is by completely reading and following the instructions provided by the creator.

2. Read Your Car’s Manual

Cars have various protection features that will help you safely deploy your seat. Some have integrated anchors that are utilized to secure a seat.

Refer to your car’s manual to discover if your vehicle has anchored and where they are placed.

3. Put the Seat In The Right Location

As we mentioned earlier, the car’s back seat is the best spot for kids to travel.

Install it in the center of the rear row of seats if possible. It’s the securest place for a kid to sit.

4. Lock Seat Belts

If your vehicle doesn’t have lower anchors, check the manual to know how to lock the seat belt.

Once it is deployed, locking the belt adds additional defense and confirms that the belt will not come loose.

5. Use Tether Strap

Some front-facing seats have an additional strap incorporated as an extra safety measure.

The tether is typically found at the seat’s top. It should be affixed to your car to inhibit head movement during a crash.

6. Tighten Up Everything

After installing and attaching the seat to the belt or anchors, ensure everything is tight.

Jiggle the seat from side to side and backward and forward.

If it moves in any way, tighten up the restraints that secure it to the vehicle.

7. Adjust the Angles

If you have a rear-facing seat, ensure that its base is level.

If the base is angled, your kid’s head can fall forward, making him less secure during the ride.


Keeping your baby protected, whether you are at home or on the road, is your top priority.

You can securely install a car seat by following these car tips and tricks in London, Ontario. And if you have some damaged car parts, rusted baby seats, and any other elements, you can always contact Car For Cash London for some instant cash.