How to Clean Car Windows – Step by Step Guide

Do you want your loved ones to see blurry meadows? Well, they won’t like it. Besides, having dirty windows in the car can cause an accident, and you don’t want it. So, include cleaning car windows in your maintenance routine. But wait…What is the best way to clean car windows?

Step-by-step guide on Car windows to DIY 

Many drivers neglect to properly clean their car windows, despite it being one of the essential aspects of car maintenance.

Best way to clean car windows

So, how do clean car windows without streaks?

Streaks are the most typical symptom of insufficient window cleaning. When incorrect tools or techniques are applied, streaks are bound to happen. These stains might be annoying since it appears like the window was cleaner before you tried to clean it.

So, if you are not reaching out to professional cleaners, here are the steps to follow for DIY:

What to use to clean car windows?

You might get the car cleaner solution from the nearby store in London, Ontario. Still, if you want to DIY completely, the following are the things you need.

·  Vinegar:

Vinegar is not a common household item. You have amazing ingredients in the kitchen. So, time to clean car windows with vinegar. 

·  Water:

Water and vinegar must be used to clean the windows of a car.

·  Spray Bottle:

A spray bottle is required to apply the solution to the windows.

·  Microfibre Cloths:

Microfiber cloths are ideal for the job because they are highly absorbent and can trap dirt and debris on their surface.

·  Newspapers:

You’ll need some newspapers to protect the dashboard from cleaning windshield cleaner. You could also use some microfiber towels.

Steps to Clean:

The steps are simple to follow. It is just like regular cleaning of the windows. It’s just that you are on a mission to clean car windows. Follow the easiest steps below:

Step 1: Find a good place to clean

It is important to have a good shady place to work. You need to be away from sunlight and any other dirty place.

Step 2: Wipe dry the windows

With a dry, reversible cleaning cloth with a thick and fine drying side, wipe the interior automobile windows in an upward and downward motion.

Step 3: Make a solution and spray on the microfibre cloth

You can wipe away any dirty spots by using vinegar to clean car windows. Make a solution of vinegar in a spray bottle. Onto a different microfiber cloth, directly spray the window cleaner for cars.

Step 4: Clean windows with the microfibre cloth

Working once more from top to bottom, circulate the cleaner-dampened microfiber cloth.

For a streak-free finish, dry wipe the glass with the other side of your dry microfiber cloth or a new one.

Final Step

Until the windows are shining and crystal clear clean, repeat steps 2 through 4.

Note: Use just enough pressure to eliminate all the difficult stains while avoiding compromising the structural integrity of your car’s windows. Instead of scrubbing circularly, employ up-and-down or back-and-forth motions. Are you still wondering how to get hard water spots off the car?

Remember…Keep wiping until filth is removed from the surface you are working on. Even though it can require some time and work, it will be worthwhile.

Bottom line

Well, cleaning windows with vinegar can be quite effective. Besides, this is the most affordable way to do it in London, Ontario. So, add it to your car maintenance or cleaning routine.

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