Why is Car Sputtering?

Your automobile’s noise speaks volumes about its overall performance and power capabilities.

A humming sound coming from your vehicle engine indicates the car and its engine parts are in excellent health.

Nevertheless, an engine sputtering sound coming from underneath the hood could indicate issues that must not be ignored.

A few causes of car sputtering in Ontario, can further impair the engine and eat up the gas you have in the gas container.

Unluckily, issues linked with engine sputtering during acceleration seldom get better or go away on their own.

In this guide, we will discover why your car is sputtering while driving.

car sputtering while driving

Why Does My Car Sputter?

Are you speculating, “What is sputtering in a car”? An engine sputter means that it is not accomplishing full combustion.

It could be a signal of a very simple issue or a more alarming exhaust system, fuel system, or engine problem. Here are the most prevalent reasons for car sputtering.

Exhaust Leak

Your car depends on the exhaust system to eliminate the exhaust fumes from the combustion chamber, so unburned fuel and fresh air can be kindled.

This is a constant procedure, and your engine will sputter if there is an exhaust system leak.

Bad Fuel Filter

Another common cause of engine sputtering is a bad fuel filter.

They go bad with time as they ultimately get filled with all the pollutants and grime they are sifting out of the fuel that goes into the engine light.

If your engine is sputtering due to a bad fuel filter, replace them immediately.

Gaskets And Seals

An engine’s vacuum or exhaust leakage will cause it to sputter. It is less costly to change a worn seal or gasket than it is to change the engine component it could harm.

For instance, a broken exhaust manifold seal can impair the exhaust manifold, which is pricier to replace.

Faulty Spark Plugs

The next cause of why is my car sputtering while driving is faulty spark plugs.

They provide the requisite ignition for the fuel/air blend. Nevertheless, they wear out and can’t work as envisioned.

In this situation, you will have a lot of unburnt fuel, causing misfires and engine sputtering.

You should often replace them to inhibit such things from occurring.

However, if you have not changed them at the correct time, they can cause the engine to sputter.

Remove and examine them; if they seem dirty, it is the best time to change them.

Also, inspect the ignition coils, which can cause an identical problem.

Impaired Or Filthy Mass Airflow Sensor

Filthy or impaired mass airflow sensors are another common reason why my car sputter.

Modern car engines feature an onboard computer that keeps an eye on these components’ flow.

The mass airflow sensors guarantee that the correct quantity of air is delivered to the combustion chambers.

When they get inundated with dust particles, they can’t pass on the ECU’s correct information, causing the ECU to spray too little or excessive fuel into the cylinders, causing the engine to sputter.

Remove and clean them warily with an electronic cleaner.


So, these are the five causes of engine sputtering. The earlier you resolve these issues, the better; otherwise, they could lead to further engine damage.

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