Common Causes Of Car Leaking Water

When you witness fluid leaking from a car when parked, you want to troubleshoot the problem as early as possible.

There are several types of fluid in the automobile, guaranteeing that your vehicle is running appropriately.

Therefore, when yellow fluid leaks from the car bottom, you need to confirm that the fluid is water and not any other stuff.

Because if the car leaks water from underneath, it is chiefly due to its AC.

Furthermore, even if excess water leaks from your motor, you can easily control it.

In this guide, we’ll explain the common reasons for water dripping under the car in Ontario.

car leaks water from underneath

Why is My Car Leaking Water?

There are countless possible reasons for water leaking from the car’s bottom. Most of them are either nothing to apprehend about or a quick fix.

Sometimes, you will need to pay a bit more or take your automobile to a reliable mechanic for further examination. Here’s why water is leaking from the car:

Windscreen Washer Fluid

The windscreen washer fluid is found in a container located inside the car’s fender. The container has a blend of soap and water.

Thereby, there are possibilities that the windscreen washer fluid container gets damaged, and a leak commences to transpire.

The windscreen washer fluid’s leaking can also be due to the pipe’s leakage, which takes the windscreen washer fluid from the container to the windscreen.

Water Dripping From The Exhaust

Another common cause of a car leaking water when parked is the exhaust.

Fuel combustion happens in the engine. Hence, a small quantity of water may be pushed out of the exhaust pipe because of combustion.

This situation is normal, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Nonetheless, you must remember that when water comes from the exhaust pipe, ensure that the liquid dripping out from the tailpipe is not coolant.

The Coolant System

When your vehicle is parked, you may observe that water drips out from the automobile’s bottom.

This might be because of the problem with the car’s cooling system.

So, when you notice fluid leaking from the vehicle, confirm that the fluid is not coolant but water.

Because if coolant is leaking from the car’s bottom, then perhaps the cooling system element such as coolant pipes, radiator, etc. are damaged.

You will need to replace the radiator and pipes in such a condition.

Why Fluid Leaking From Car When Parked?

If fluid coming out of the vehicle has a tinted hue, there could be a serious issue. The following are fluids that could leak from your vehicle:

  • Red and Pink–Transmission fluid or power steering fluid
  • Yellow—Radiator coolant
  • Dark brown—Older engine oil or brake fluid
  • Orange—Radiator coolant or transmission fluid
  • Light brown—Gear lubricant or new engine oil


Car condensation leak is a prevalent issue that every car owner experiences.

Numerous reasons could cause it, and it is important to comprehend the root cause of it to save the whole vehicle. Ignoring leaks can impact other car parts.

Sometimes, you can fix the leaks yourself, and seldom, you might require expert help. Follow Car For Cash London for more vehicle maintenance tips.