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    Sell your Damaged vehicle to Scrap Car Buyers in London, ON

    About Us

    Car for Cash is a junk car buyer in London, Ontario, who would love to buy your oldie. We have been buying people’s wrecked, damaged, or useless rusty cars that would otherwise just consume space in your backyard. There are a couple of trucks which we got to our junkyard offering FREE TOWING SERVICE in Ontario. Believe us, it is a commodity in Ontario.

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    The amount of affection we have for our old cars is undeniably immense. Sometimes people even buy new cars, but want to hold on to memories by keeping their old cars in their garage. It might be a good decision if you have a HUGE garage. But, if you have a small garage with the capability of parking barely one car, you need to let that oldie go. Sell it. Sell it to someone who'd respect your love for the car. Sell it to someone who'd offer some good dollars as well.

    Scrap Car Collected In 3 Easy Steps

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    Call or text at +1 (647) 831-5545 & get a free quick quote for scrap car removal

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    Arrange a scrap car removal date/time that suits you. We can pick it up in 1-3 hours.

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    FREE scrap car towing. We pay you cash for junk car on the spot. We offer the best prices.

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    Why do we buy your cars?

    We love our customers, and we respect their love, and in some cases, frustration for a vehicle that no one wants to buy. We would love to see you owning a brand new car, and we help you get rid of that wrecked car.

    Contact Us Get a Quote and Earn Cash for Scrap Car

    Contact us if you want to sell your junk car, or want to just get a quote for your damaged car in London, Ontario. You can also get an instant quote from us right now. Call us now!

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      Sell your Damaged vehicle to Scrap Car Buyers in London, ON

      Frequantly Asked Questions FAQ

      The process usually is very quick, we can pick up the car on the same day or within 24 hours.

      We’re able to PICKUP scrap cars from Toronto & Surrounding areas such as London, Ontario.

      Usually junk car buyers in Ontario try to repair and sell it to someone, but if the car is damaged to an extent where repairing it won’t help, we reduce and recycle. We love Earth, this is why we believe in Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

      Yes! We are available on weekends.


      Cash will be paid upon collection of your car.